Mount Vernon mayor highlights need for federal funds from infrastructure law

Now that that $1 trillion federal infrastructure bill was signed into law, cities and municipalities across the country - including Mount Vernon - will be lining up to get their fair share of federal dollars.
On Monday, News 12 crisscrossed the city with Mayor Shawyn Patterson-Howard, where she detailed the infrastructure needs across the city.
News 12 visited a parking garage that's in need of millions of dollars in repairs. Patterson-Howard took News 12 to an area where the city's outdated sewer system was wreaking havoc on residents that could cost $200 million to repair. She also took News 12 to the Fulton Avenue Bridge that is in need of a $20 million upgrade
"The bridge only has the capacity to hold about three tons. Bridges now are only supposed to hold 20 tons. Our fire trucks, our garbage trucks are about seven tons. So our garbage trucks and emergency vehicles can't go over this. It becomes a public safety hazard," says the mayor.
The mayor is hoping the "Justice40 Initiative" will help put Mount Vernon at the head of the line for federal dollars. It aims to deliver 40% of the overall benefits of federal investments in climate and sustainable transportation to disadvantaged communities.