Mount Vernon woman reunited after 6 months with mom in nursing home

The six-month wait is over for a Mount Vernon woman who was unable to see her mom in-person at a nursing home in Mamaroneck due to COVID-19.
Donna Sanders has been unable to see her mom, Dorothy, because back in March the Sarah Neuman Nursing Home was forced to stop family visits.
"Always been very close to her," says Sanders. "That's why when I wasn't able to see her it was very difficult for me. I had a lot of crying days."
In-person visits resumed Friday and it was an emotional reunion for mother and daughter.
"She's my baby!" says Dorothy. "I'm so happy to see her. I'm just upset that I can't hug her."
Family members must social distance when visiting and practice a number of other COVID-19 safety protocols.
"In order to visit they have to have a COVID test done within seven days of their visit," says Larry Abrams, of the Sarah Neuman Nursing Home. "Then they have their temperatures taken and fill out a form asking questions."
Sanders was able to bring her mom some gifts, including her favorite fruit -- watermelon -- and peanuts.