Municipalities across NY have less than a week to opt out of marijuana dispensaries, lounges

Municipalities across New York have less than week to opt out of marijuana dispensaries and lounges.
So far, Beacon is the only municipality to have gone on the record to allow both, according to the Rockefeller Institute of Government.
Other local governments have either opted out of one or the other or have yet to reach a decision.
For those municipalities who do nothing, they will automatically be allowed. It does not automatically guarantee anyone to set up shop.
The Village of Tivoli won't be home to any of those businesses right now.
"We can also watch other communities who have opted in, we can study them for a time, see what kinds of congestion, or traffic or other problems they may have versus how much revenue they're making and, of course, the nice thing about this law as designed by the state is communities can opt in later," says Tivoli Mayor Joel Griffith.
Residents in the Town of Stanford will vote to allow dispensaries during a referendum vote in 2022.
"For me, the fact that the voters will end up deciding the issue for themselves, is the best possible outcome," says Stanford Town Supervisor Wendy Burton.