NAACP calls for change after racist incident during basketball game in Rockland County

The NAACP is calling for changes in a Rockland school district following alleged racist shouts during a school basketball game on Wednesday.
Nyack basketball players told News 12 during their game at Pearl River student spectators made monkey noises as Black players made free throws three times.
The NAACP director for Nyack says he's working with the Pearl River School District to get help for all players involved in this on both teams. Pearl River's superintendent Dr. Marco F. Pochintesta says this is one of four times this year some in the school community have shown intolerance. He says the district is partnering with groups that teach diversity and inclusion and he's calling on parents to help.
“My heart is saddened,” said Pochintesta of the incident. “I am sorry as a person, as an individual, for anyone this incident has touched and I think that number is great."
NAACP’s Regional Director Wilbur Aldridge met with the district on Friday, saying they talked about the investigation and punishment for any students found involved, but also how to help players heal.
"We know that teams are like family so if you do something to one, the other members of the team are affected as well,” said Aldridge.
Aldridge says one option discussed was bringing student councils from both sides together.
"Peers can probably do more in changing or getting an understanding of what was done and the effect of what was done," says Aldridge.
An online fundraiser is now trying to raise enough money for a team dinner for Nyack.