Nassau to change area code for some new businesses as 516 numbers expected to run out

Nassau County is set to get some new digits as it is expected to run out of 516 phone numbers by next summer.
Many new businesses will likely not have the usual Nassau area code, which is not sitting well with some who may be affected.
Bethpage resident Marguarite Romano, who runs a hair salon, says she sees some issues with adding three new digits when it comes to scheduling her clients.
"So, it's even worse cause now we gotta write down... their names, their phone numbers," Romano says. "We're used to just writing down the number like 516, 631 or 917. Now it's going to be another whole thing."
Since October 2021, those with a 516 area code are used to the mandatory 10-digit dialing. The new area code will have the same rules.
President of Sand Wire Adam Schwam says a change like this is years in the making.
"They have to figure out first off, how many area codes there are across the country," Schwam says. "You have short things like 411, 511, 311, you have to take that all into play."
He adds that new businesses with highly publicized numbers is where people will see the biggest difference.
"Any new business that opens, any new restaurants that open, those are the people that actually get a local number," Schwam says.
The new area code is expected to be activated in 2023.