New projects aim to improve sidewalk safety in Greenburgh

Town officials say they will make Greenburgh a more desirable and safer place to live.

News 12 Staff

Jul 1, 2024, 1:30 AM

Updated 21 days ago


New improvement projects are on the way for the Town of Greenburgh, thanks to two recently awarded federal grants.
Town officials say they will make Greenburgh a more desirable and safer place to live.
Gov. Kathy Hochul announced on June 20 that $6 million in federal grant money will be used for the creation of sidewalks on Old Army and Knollwood roads.
The need for sidewalks has been a hot button issue for years.
"As the community has got younger, we've seen a lot of strollers using the sidewalk, and as sidewalks are unstable, it's difficult to push strollers. We live in an unbelievably walkable community and having that infratructure makes it easier for residents to get around and not needing to use vehicles for visiting their neighbors or dropping their children off for playdates and such," says Dylan Pyne, Edgemont Community Council president.
"Since 2017, we're been doing one, two or three new sidewalks a year and it's really adding up," says Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner.
He says the current and upcoming improvements to roads include 12 miles of new sidewalks on Hillside Avenue and new sidewalk construction along Juniper Hill Road. Feiner says they will help make the town more desirable and safer for both current and future residents.
"In Greenburgh, sadly, we've had fatalities where we've had pedestrian accidents and we're really making a major effort to make our town much more pedestrian friendly," Feiner says.
The sidewalk safety improvements come five years after the death of a man from White Plains who was hit by a car as he walked along Tarrytown Road. At least seven other pedestrian accidents, including two fatal, preceded that incident. But now there is renewed hope for the safety of those who call Greenburgh home.
"It makes the community more desirable, because young families, if there's a sidewalk, they'll be able to have children who walk safely to and from school and to the train station all over. So we're going to keep going," Feiner says.

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