New mother prepares to bring home her 'miracle' baby

It was the best Mother's Day gift for a Wheatley Heights native on Sunday after she told News 12 Long Island that she is preparing to bring her “miracle” son home.
Ruth Miller celebrated her first Mother's Day with a precious gift she longed for for more than a decade.
"It's literally a dream come true" she said.
After 12 years of heartbreak with infertility and six miscarriages, Miller welcomed her baby into the world on Jan. 2.
However, her son Abraham was born four months premature, weighing in at just 1 pound, 11 ounces.
"For the first 48 hours, I didn't even know if he was going to make it. They literally had to put a stent in his lung to keep it together, to keep it strong," Miller recalled.
For Miller, who had fought so hard to bring a life into the world, the battle began to keep her newborn son alive.
"When he was on the ventilator and he was miserable, I would whisper in his ear, 'You're a fighter, you've got this, Mommy's with you every step of the way,'" she said. "It's been a fight... and he is so strong and determined. He's definitely my little warrior."
Abraham is now four months old and weighs in at 10 pounds.
"He's full of life and he's everything I wanted, he really is. He's so affectionate. He holds my hand all the time," Miller said.
Miller hopes her story will give strength to others who are struggling to have baby.
"I just want to tell people not to give up because that's the whole thing, once you give up in your heart, then it's hard to go through the motions," Miller said.
For Miller, never giving up has given her the greatest gift of all.
"The fact that I'm with him and I woke up with him and I'm going to sleep with him, that's enough of a Mother's Day gift for me. Wherever we are, I'm fine if I'm with him," Miller said.
Miller added that she hopes to bring Abraham home from the hospital by the end of the month.