New Yorkers 65+ eligible for vaccine under new CDC guideline

New York is now following the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's recommendation that everyone age 65 and over is eligible for the vaccine.
Rose Alvigi, 72, was excited to try and get the vaccine now that she can. Alvigi registered online and got a list of sites where she could make an appointment. She spent all day calling and was told the places didn't have the shot.
"I was excited, but if I can't get it what's the point?" says Alvigi.
Alvigi is one of 1.8 million New Yorkers over 65 added to the eligible group.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo says there are only 300,000 doses available each week.
Teacher Sharon Sainsbury says she worries about seniors trying to go through the process.
"It seemed like this was almost a full-time job, you know, trying it on your lunch break and on your other breaks and trying it before school and after school, trying to get in," says Sainsbury.
Gov. Cuomo and local officials are calling for more doses of the vaccine from the federal government.