Newburgh homeowners irked by proposed property tax hike

Some Newburgh homeowners say they're upset over the city's proposed budget that would hike property taxes by 7 percent -- more than three times the state-calculated cap.
City Manager Michael Ciaravino says Newburgh is facing an almost million-dollar deficit and can't afford to pay firefighters, fix crumbling buildings and repair equipment like plows without raising taxes.
Homeowners on Montgomery Street say they already pay tens of thousands of dollars in property and school taxes. A 7 percent hike would add hundreds of dollars to that bill. They say their homes are already undervalued and that they don't receive the city services they need.
City Councilman Jonathan Jacobson says he won't pass Ciaravino's budget and that he hopes to find other solutions.
Ciaravino says the only other alternative is to cut police, fire and Department of Public Works staff.
The city has until Nov. 26 to pass next year's budget.