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Newburgh man sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing father in front of children, injuring a 5-year-old nearby

Lamont Williams pleaded guilty to charges related to the shooting, which took place in Newburgh.

Blaise Gomez

Jul 26, 2023, 10:00 AM

Updated 330 days ago


Daquan Corbett’s 6-year-old girls were the last to see their dad alive.
“She thought it was fireworks, and it wasn’t fireworks,” said Corbett’s sister, Diamond Corbett. “She had to watch her dad get shot over and over again.”
The 29-year-old father of five was gunned down in 2022 in Newburgh with two of his kids in the car.
His killer, Lamont Williams, was sentenced Wednesday to 25 years in prison.
The victim’s grieving mother and nephew spoke in court and said Williams “viciously shot Corbett like it was target practice” and asked if he “thought about his mother” during the attack.
The victim’s sister says Corbett’s frightened little girls ducked for safety during the shooting and weren’t found by police in the car until two hours later.
“Two hours of waiting. Just two hours of being lost. Two hours of not even knowing what happened to your father. I couldn’t imagine that.”
Prosecutors say Williams also shot a 5-year-old boy during the fatal attack. He fled to North Carolina after the shooting, where he was later apprehended by authorities.
The boy survived, but Corbett’s family say the damage can never be erased.
“Just keep us in prayer, that’s all,” said the victim’s mother, Dolores Corbett.
Williams apologized to the family during his sentencing, and his attorney said he’s shown remorse for the slaying.
The victim’s mother was heard crying out at times in court and tensions between both families spilled out into the courthouse hallway after the sentencing, as several people were heard yelling at each other and were escorted out by court officers.
Prosecutors say Williams previously served six years in prison on a weapons charge after an attempted murder in 2014.
This time, he pleaded guilty to manslaughter and assault.

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