NRC forms task force to investigate radioactive leak at Indian Point

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has formed a task force to investigate the leak at Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant.
The formation of the task force comes after strontium 90 was found in the ground and officials discovered radioactive tritium may be getting into the Hudson River. And last year, a small amount of radioactive water was found outside a spent fuel pool. Entergy spokesman Jim Steets says the spent fuel pools are 400,000-gallon in-ground tanks, which is one reason why it?s taking so long to determine just how badly the ground water has been contaminated. Steets also says they need to dig test wells in and around Indian Point buildings, underground piping and electrical systems to map any underground contamination. In addition, Steets says isolating the contamination and cleaning it up will take time, which has county officials concerned.
The NRC will hold a series of public meeting next week in Peekskill on the ground water contamination and other issues about Indian Point.
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