Nyack fortuneteller fails to see grand larceny bust in her future

A Nyack fortuneteller apparently couldn?t read her own future when she was busted on grand larceny charges.
Clarkstown police arrested 40-year-old Dorothy Adams after a two-week long investigation into the Psychic and Tarot Card Readings store on Route 59 in Central Nyack. Police sent an undercover officer to the store based on customer complaints. Adams told the officer she had a negative aura and she could make some of the things go away after a couple of reading and fees. Adams charged the officer in excess of $1,000.
The store owner, George Adams, explains that the officer was offered chakra lessons, to achieve pure spiritual consciousness. He says the lessons come with seven levels, at $130 each. Adams says the officer wasn?t forced to take any of the lessons there were only offered as a way to alleviate her complaints. However, police say that's a prediction, which under New York State law is fortunetelling. Dorothy Adams faces grand larceny and fortunetelling charges.