Official: 2 Westchester men arrested for assaulting NYPD lieutenant

Two men from Westchester were arrested, accused of attacking an on-duty NYPD lieutenant Saturday night on the subway, according to an official.
Police say 24-year-old Marquise Webb and Brian Innocent beat up and slashed the lieutenant with a knife after the officer asked them to get off the subway car.
Both suspects are charged with assault, criminal possession of a weapon, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.
The NYPD says transit crime is down in the city, but the attack on the lieutenant has some Bronx residents saying they still don’t feel safe.
“No matter how many changes the mayor has implemented of putting on officers [at subway stations], there's still a lot of concern,” said one commuter who was boarding the 1 train at the 238th Street station.
According to police, officers were responding around 9 p.m. to reports of two groups fighting when they demanded Webb and Innocent to exit the 238th Street station. That's when they say the two men allegedly cornered a uniformed officer and began punching him in the face and body. He was treated for cuts and bruises at a hospital.
Police say subway attacks in the Bronx have dropped by around 13.4% this year. Last year alone, they reported 313 transit crimes. But since then, they say that number has decreased to 271.