Old Bronx courthouse having a revival

A neglected South Bronx landmark is having a revival. 
The old Bronx courthouse has stood on the corner of 3rd Avenue in Melrose for more than 100 years, and it hasn't been used since the late 1970s. However, that's all about to change. 
The building will not only undergo a major renovation, but it will be used this spring by the non-profit "No Longer Empty." The group is among the winners of the "Neighborhood Challenge" initiative, a competition to provide support to community-based organizations who are doing innovative projects across the city. 
"No Longer Empty" was awarded $60,000 to host an interactive art exhibit at the courthouse from April through July. Future events are possible after that. 
Courthouse owner Henry Weinstein says he plans on leasing the building for "first-class office space" after renovations are completed this summer.