One of busiest travel days of season expected today, what can't you bring on planes?

As the holiday season commences, the TSA anticipates today to be among its busiest days, with expectations to surpass last year's travel numbers.
AAA forecasts record-breaking travel, indicating flights are near or at full capacity between now and the New Year. To accommodate this surge, the FAA has opened additional military airspace.
Hayley Berg, Lead Economist at Hopper, noted, 'When we see delays, whether it be from weather or just a technical delay and getting a flight out of the gate, it impacts the whole schedule for the day.'
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg highlighted that 2023 has seen the lowest commercial flight cancellation rate in five years.
Regarding carry-on items, the TSA outlines permitted and prohibited items. Solid food items like fruitcake and unwrapped gifts are allowed in carry-ons. However, snow globes with liquid contents and beverages like eggnog, wine, syrups, and preserves must be checked.