Orange County reportedly not allowing outside poll inspectors during primaries

Orange County election officials have reportedly changed their minds about allowing outside poll inspectors to watch the polls in Kiryas Joel during primaries next week.
News 12 Hudson Valley was given audio recordings by Andrew Buck, a Monroe poll inspector. On the recordings, Orange County Board of Elections Commissioner Susan Bahren is saying she has been told not to allow outside poll inspectors. The move initially came after concerns last year of election fraud.
Bahren says on the recording that the order came from the county attorney's office, but she refuses to name who it is.
News 12 Hudson Valley went to see Orange County Attorney Langdon Chapman, who said his boss, County Executive Steve Neuhaus, would be the one to talk to about it. Neuhaus' spokesman, Dain Pascocello, denied off-camera that Neuhaus is involved and said he has no control over election commissioners.
The State Board of Elections says outside poll inspectors are allowed but that's a local decision. Bahren did not answer News 12's request for comment.