Ossining HS students walk out in protest of decision to make Black Lives Matter mural temporary

Students at Ossining High School walked out today in objection to the decision to only temporarily hang a canvas Black Lives Matter mural inside the school, despite petitioning to have the mural painted.

News 12 Staff

May 19, 2021, 7:29 PM

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Students at Ossining High School walked out on Wednesday in objection to the decision to only temporarily hang a canvas Black Lives Matter mural inside the school, despite petitioning to have the mural painted.
News 12 is told more than 100 students made their way to Main Street holding a mural made by high school senior Janah Huss.
Several students petitioned the district’s administration to have the mural painted, but their decision to instead hang a canvas of the mural has many upset.
"This school screams equity and everything and diversity but they can't have this in our school?” questions Huss. "For them to disapprove this, this is what represents the Black culture, this is the new beginning, this is change.”
Senior student Cruz Vernon tells News 12, "When it comes to action, they don't want to continue voicing what we believe in.”
The mural is not only a piece of art, but represents a moment in history that the students are living through that they want future generations to remember.
"This mural, knowing it would be on a wall, it shows that our message is there forever,” says senior Zinah Ruff.
Superintendent Raymond Sanchez attended the protest to ensure student voices were heard.
"We want to support the mural and we will keep up. We provided an option,” says Sanchez.
Although the district supports their students, they say a permanent mural on school grounds could present a potential legal liability.
However, students highlight other murals across campus and question the difference.
“We just want to make sure the length of time that its up is contingent on us and the conversation we have with our children,” says Sanchez.
Discussions on the matter are still ongoing, and students say they will not back down.

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