Parents call for change following slew of racism allegations at Valley Central SD

There is a call for change in the Valley Central School District following more allegations of racism.
Parents are calling on administrators to make a more serious change to the culture at Valley Central.
They say students have posted photos of each other wearing blackface on social media and they've been circulating other racist images and comments as well.
Last year, News 12 reported about racist remarks posted underneath a picture on the Valley Central School District's official Instagram. It featured a group junior varsity cheerleaders. A racial slur was used, along with lewd and racially charged sexual comments.
The parents say last week a student wore a T-shirt to class that said, "I can breathe because I obey the law," alluding to Eric Garner's final words.
The school released a statement on that incident last week referring the community to an updated dress code saying, "Please know that hate speech or speech that can be perceived as provocative or racist will not be tolerated."
News 12 reached out to the school district for further comment on the other allegations, but has not heard back.