Parks Dept. worker accused of assaulting BX teen

A Bronx teen says she was sexually abused in the elevator of her building Tuesday.
Police arrested Raymond Parkman, 26, for allegedly assaulting the 15-year-old girl.
Parkman, a temporary Parks Department worker, has a long list of prior offenses, police say, including other sexual assaults. Last month, Parkman got into trouble with the law for failing to register on the state?s convicted sexual predator Web site.
The victim?s mother says she is cooperating with the Bronx district attorney to ensure Parkman remains behind bars. She plans to seek therapy for her daughter to help the victim put the incident behind her and move on.
The victim?s mother says she finds it most alarming that Parkman was working for the Parks Department. She?s concerned as to why someone with a police record like Parkman?s would be hired to work for a place where he would have access to so many children.
Background checks for workers in the program can take one to five months, the Parks Department said. Officials say they are immediately dismissing him from the program and will look into his police record.