Pirro's husband reveals all about the power couple's highs and lows

An article published Monday in New York Magazine uncovers some of the most intimate details about attorney general candidate Jeanine Pirro's marriage.
The article includes revealing details about the power couple's 30-year relationship. It covers how they met in law school, how good things were and where things went wrong. Al Pirro speaks candidly in the article about his wife's political career and how he feels it has hurt their marriage along with his own career. He discusses how he believes his tax fraud conviction and time in prison happened because he was married to the district attorney. In addition, Al Pirro talks about why he has strayed in the past.
In the same article, Jeanine Pirro defends her desire to wiretap her husband. She also didn't criticize her husband for speaking out, saying he has the right to defend himself. As for the couple's future, Jeanine Pirro said they have not ruled out divorce as an option.
Meantime, a Siena College poll shows Republican Jeanine Pirro closing the gap on Democrat Andrew Cuomo. The poll shows only a 13 point margin separating the two in the race for New York attorney general.
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