Police pull reputed street gang leader off the streets of Washingtonville

Police say they have arrested the self-proclaimed ?Bloods? street gang leader of Washingtonville for a violent robbery.
According to police, 17-year-old Christian Davis was arrested Tuesday for the assault and robbery of another teenager in broad daylight on East Main Street. The village police chief says gang members are becoming increasingly violent and he believes they are responsible for most of the vandalism around town. Police say the Bloods actively rumble with opposing ?Cripts? gang members of Blooming Grove.
Police say there are only about a dozen members in each gang, but they actively recruit members in the local middle and high schools. They warn parents to be aware if their kids start hanging around with people they don?t want them to or if their kids start acting differently. Police say those are signs that might indicate they joined a gang.
Meanwhile, Davis is being held at Orange County Jail on $50,000 bail.