Police seek additional suspects in Bronx NYPD lieutenant subway slashing

Police are searching for more suspects in a subway slashing that happened this weekend.
The two suspects police have arrested so far are from Westchester.
President of the Lieutenant Benevolent Association, Lt. Louis Turco says 16-year NYPD veteran Lt. Gypsy Pichardo responded Saturday night at 238th Street Station in Kingsbridge.
According to police, officers were called to a fight after 9 p.m. between two groups involving a knife at the one station.
One group was already gone when police arrived, but officers asked others to leave and that's when Turco says multiple people unleashed on Pichardo. Video shows what happened and photos of Pichardo in the hospital show the damage.
"As soon as the lieutenant walked onto the train, they assaulted him and it seemed like they turned on him right away. He was lucky to escape and get out of the train and then, actually, when the individuals took off, he actually went after them also," Lt. Turco said.
Police say they arrested two 24-year-olds, Marquise Webb, from Yonkers, and Brian Innocent, from New Rochelle. Officials say they also found a knife, box cutter and straight razor after the arrests.
Turco says Pichardo had to have at least eight stitches and will need to see a specialist for his eye.
He's home and in pain, but Turco says he already wants to come back to work.
"This is what's going on in the climate in the city. This is not a subway issue. This is a lack of prosecution issue. This is a lack of accountability issue...They were emboldened to do this to a uniformed officer who carries a gun, who's law enforcement. Can you only imagine what they would have done to a civilian?" Lt. Turco asked.