Poll: More than half of NYers would not take coronavirus vaccine if it was available

A new poll conducted by Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital found that more than half of New Yorkers would not take a coronavirus vaccine if it were available today.
That poll result comes even after more than 227,000 people have died from COVID-19.
Cheryl Redash, of Seaford, says she is wary of a vaccine.
"To just go ahead and vaccinate myself not knowing what the side effects could be or what it could do to me, no," says Redash. "We don't have enough studies right now."
According to the poll, 66% of people who said they won't get the vaccine expressed concern that the process is rushed, and they question its safety.
"It's not perfected long enough yet, takes longer," says Andy Ruggiere, of Bethpage. "You know I work with COVID people. I wouldn't trust it."
Dr. Aaron Glatt, of Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital, says despite the reluctance about a potential vaccine, he's hopeful that people's attitudes will change once one is developed, tested, proven effective and approved by the FDA.
"If the FDA approves this vaccine, I would have no hesitancy in taking such a vaccine myself, and I would have no hesitancy in advocating people take a vaccine that has been well-studied," says Dr. Glatt.
According to the poll, only 46% of those asked said they would get a coronavirus vaccine when it became available.
Dennis Bravo, of Bethpage says he would be willing to take a vaccine. However, some people are still taking a wait -and-see approach.