Port Chester officials, residents do their best to keep village out of red zone

As Port Chester remains in the orange zone, they are doing their best to make sure their restrictions don't become more severe.
Owner of Port Chester's Vinny's Lunch, Judy Laynes and her husband reopened their doors to the public just a few months ago after the first wave of COVID-19. Now, they are faced with the reality of potentially closing them again.
Laynes, who also works as a hairstylist, felt the devastating effects of the orange zone restrictions just a few days ago as nonessential businesses like salons and gyms were forced to close.
"The owner almost cried because customers were just getting comfortable to come back and getting used to being in the salon and suddenly we have to shut down again," said Laynes. "Those businesses are going to be really hurt."
A village Trustee, Bart Didden, vented his frustration with a Facebook post saying "Want to kill the restaurant capital of Westchester County, increase the testing and kill more minority jobs."
Didden would not comment on camera but told News 12 he is upset Port Chester is being treated differently than Rye Brook and restrictions should be more broad based.
As Port Chester struggles, Rye Brook which borders the village and shares several businesses and schools, was lifted from the yellow zone restriction list despite its close proximity to Port Chester.
"The numbers in Rye Brook spoke for themselves. And I think that the governor's office realized that our numbers were exceedingly low," said Rye Brook Mayor Paul Rosenberg.
Health officials in Port Chester are urging residents to come in for testing, which is available at Port Chester's open door clinic.
As of Friday evening, five positive cases have been confirmed since Friday morning in Port Chester. Officials hope to keep that number low in order to stay out of the red zone.