Pothole problems: Valhalla neighbors have had enough with dangerous street

Residents in Valhalla say an abundance of potholes along Bradhurst Avenue makes it one of the most dangerous streets in the county.
News 12 drove along Bradhurst Avenue and encountered pothole - after pothole, after pothole. 
"Cars try to avoid it swerve into other people's lanes," says Glenn Accocella, who has lived on Bradhurst Street for 30 years.
And when it rains, "certain lanes become overflowing with water so cars have to go in the opposite direction," he said. 
Couple that with speeding and it's a recipe for disaster.
"I would wake up and there would be car tracks on my property, my walls would be damaged, my hedges would be damaged and I would have no recourse if the people managed to get away while I was sleeping," recounted Accocella.
Sean Quigley, who lives right off of Bradhurst walked News 12 through all the damage his property has sustained. 
"This corner got taken out - this section of the fence got taken out...That section and a third section down there, the fire hydrant got taken out and the vehicle ended up on the other side of my property," said Quigley. 
And it's just as unsafe for pedestrians.
"It's just difficult, you fear for your life," said Accocella. 
Bradhurst Avenue is the responsibility of New York state. Neighbors say they have written countless emails to state Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins, to the DOT, and to local officials.
"With no action, there's no proactive maintenance of this road," said Quigley.
In a statement, the DOT said the safety of the traveling public is their top priority, and that maintenance crews work aggressively to address potholes as they develop.
A spokesperson for Sen. Stewart-Cousin's office said in a statement, "The senator’s office remains happy and eager to facilitate a meeting to find a long-term solution to this ongoing issue."