Poughkeepsie town supervisor says COVID-19 has ‘taken its toll on everybody mentally’

The Poughkeepsie town supervisor says he and his community have been dealing with some of the highest numbers of active COVID-19 cases in Dutchess County.
Church bells rang a somber note throughout the Archdiocese of New York on Wednesday, including at St. Martin de Porres in Poughkeepsie, to remember the Americans lost due to COVID-19.
In Dutchess County, 232 resident have died because of coronavirus.
Town of Poughkeepsie Supervisor Jon Jay Baisley has seen the impact of COVID-19 on two fronts. He's also the owner of Channingville Deli, a staple in the community for 38 years.
"It's not easy. It's an extremely stressful virus that's taken its toll on everybody mentally, whether you think it is or not," Baisley says. "People that lost their houses, lost their jobs, family stress, not seeing relatives. I think the mental health issue is going to be our next biggest factor from this. I see it already now."
Poughkeepsie currently has one of the highest active case counts in the county with 235. Baisley says other municipalities are around the same ballpark per population.
"For the town, we have 235 cases but it's 44,000 people. That's one for every 187 people. You look at the city of Poughkeepsie, who has 31,000, They have one for every 181 people," he says.
Baisley also pointed to ramped up testing efforts for those sick and exposed.
With 2020 coming to a close, Baisley, like many others, is hoping for a brighter year ahead.