Procession held for return of stolen cross

Parishioners welcomed the return of a 111-year-old cross that was stolen last week during a procession at a Bronx church.
As News 12 has reported, Henry Gomez, of the Bronx's Saint Anselm Church, says he was driving into the parking lot of his parish Wednesday when he noticed a man stumbling on the sidewalk with a 5-foot cross that he claimed to have found. It turned out to be the same crucifix that police say was taken from the lobby of Saint Anthony of Padua Church earlier that same night.
With help from a police officer and fellow parishioners, Gomez says he convinced the man, who he believes to be homeless, to hand over the cross in exchange for a handheld one.
The 111-year-old crucifix, which is valued at $5,000, was on full display for the Saint Anthony congregation during a special procession Monday night.