Pump Patrol: Drivers still not happy with gas prices despite tax holiday

News 12’s Emily Young is talking to Hudson Valley drivers as the gas tax holiday has lowered prices by a few cents per gallon.
Most stations tell News 12 the tax works out to about 16 cents in savings over the previous price.
While some customers say that's not enough relief, others say they will take what they can get. "It's better than before. I'll take anything at this point to be honest," says customer Albi Amin.
Officials tell News to give gas stations in your area a little more time if they have not lowered their prices yet, as there is a grace period because a lot of the gas stations are still selling gas purchased with the sales tax. Once the new deliveries of gas come in, drivers should see those prices falling everywhere.
If you see a gas station that is not abiding by this sales tax holiday, you can report them to the Department of Consumer Affairs