‘Really heartbreaking’: Wappingers Falls police search for suspect after local bakery destroyed twice

The last few weeks haven’t been so sweet for a Dutchess County bakery after their storefront was broken into twice.
Jennifer Jordan, the owner of Sweetbakes Café, says she wants to know the person responsible for breaking into her business in late August. She says over a dozen cakes that were headed to weddings, birthdays and other events were destroyed in the incident.
"It wasn't only a personal thing to me and my staff, but it affected so many other people,” Jordan says. “We love what we do here. To have walked in and see all of our work for that week and more just destroyed, it was really, really heartbreaking."
Just as the bakery began picking up the pieces from the first incident, their store front was then smashed last week.
Unfortunately, their security cameras weren't able to catch the person in the act.
Wappingers Falls Police Commissioner Charles Ferry says they believe the same person is responsible for both incidents and they have a few people of interest at this time. However, he says some people in the area who may have valuable information aren't helping crack the case.
"We believe there is video that could help us in the investigation, but nobody wants to share it with us at this point,” Ferry says.
As police piece together what happened, Jordan and her team are working overtime.
"Depending on what the intention was, with all of this, we actually became busier. It’s actually really difficult to keep up right now,” she says.