Rep. Bowman tours Sound Shore communities to help find flooding solutions

Flooding is a major concern for many Sound Shore communities, but solutions could cost millions.
When Ida ripped through Rye, the storm dumped 8 1/2 inches of rainwater. It resulted in two fatalities and caused millions of dollars' worth of damage.
Rye Mayor Josh Cohn led a tour of his city with the Army Corps of Engineers to highlight what is now needed to fix the problem.
He was joined by Rye's congressional representative, Rep. Jamaal Bowman, in the hope that he can do something about it.
Bowman says communities like Rye may be eligible for some federal funding from an $88 million Flood Mitigation Project in Mamaroneck.
"They were very clear, we are going to need more because that does mitigation but that doesn't solve the full problem of future severe storms," says Bowman.
Cohn says the city needs upstream retention ponds, dredging in the harbor and a new drainage system, things Bowman says he plans to advocate for more federal funding.
Bowman also toured Tuckahoe and Bronxville.