Residents urged to tear down anti-Semitic fliers

Kingsbridge leaders are advising residents to tear down anti-Semitic propaganda that's been posted in the community.
"One racist in our community is too many," says Ari Hoffnung, a resident whose grandparents survived the Holocaust.
Promotional material signed by the white supremacist group National Vanguard has been popping up throughout the area. The fliers depict an Exxon logo with the word "Zion" and "blame Jews for high gas prices and the war in Iraq."
"This is typical white supremacy - picking out a few facts for political gain," says state Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (D-Bronx). "It's not just against Jews, but against everybody."
National Vanguard is a Virginia-based hate group. The organization reportedly disbanded after its leader, Kevin Strom, was arrested and charged with attempting to coerce a 10-year-old into a sexual act as well as possessing child pornography.