Residents worry about a crane collapse in the Bronx

Could a crane collapse happen here in the Bronx?
Residents of the borough are asking themselves that question Friday after another deadly construction crane accident in Manhattan.
?It?s getting real scary,? says Kevin Williams, who lives near the Willis Avenue Bridge construction site.
Some residents are also questioning the training required to operate the cranes.
?It makes you want to think if they?re certified,? said Raymond Ocasio. ?[There have been] a lot of tragedies like this this year.?
After a deadly March crane collapse in Manhattan, safety was tightened at construction sites. Contractors must now take several steps before a crane is allowed to operate.
The Department of Buildings requires applications to be filed by an engineer, the crane then needs to be inspected thoroughly, and workers who will jump the crane are expected to be educated on protocol.
Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion has called on the Department of Buildings to conduct a thorough review of all cranes and construction sites in the borough.