Rockland Community College's mask mandate sparks outrage from some parents

Rockland Community College will not allow guests at this year's gradation.

News 12 Staff

Mar 16, 2022, 9:58 PM

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The mask mandate still in place at Rockland Community College has sparked outrage over what some parents are calling "outdated" rules.
Tina Ostrander, of Valley College, has a son who attends RCC. She's upset with the college's mandate.
"I think it is about time we unmask all of our children," says Ostrander. "And he walks around everywhere else without a mask and then when he goes to school, he has to wear a mask. He's a grown adult. He should be able to make the decision to wear the mask or not wear the mask."
Ostrander says RCC officials told her the SUNY system is upholding the decision to keep masks on even though Gov. Kathy Hochul dropped the mandate.
"Let him enjoy his second year of college without a mask," says Ostrander. "Let's go back to normal. Life needs to move on."
Parents at other schools are also outraged about certain COVID restrictions staying in place.
Irene Lomurno learned a few weeks ago that Westchester Community College is not allowing guests to attend this year's graduation. Lomurno's daughter attends the school, and she is furious.
"Parents and relatives can only see it livestreamed in a parking lot, not near where the building is where the graduates are going in," says Lomurno. "And the graduates are going in wearing masks."
Lomurno says she has learned that other area colleges are allowing guests to graduations.
A spokesperson for Rockland Community College tells News 12 the mask mandate is staying in effect on campus because of requests from the college community and "the ever changing conditions of COVID."

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