Rockland County man sues McDonald's after allergic reaction lands him in hospital

A Rockland County man is suing McDonald's after suffering a severe allergic reaction that resulted in hospitalization.
According to the lawsuit filed in the State Supreme Court on Friday, Charles Olsen and his friends ordered from a McDonald's location in Manhattan using the DoorDash app.
Olsen, who has a milk allergy, specifically ordered a Big Mac without cheese. He trusted this location because he had previously ordered cheeseless Big Macs from there without incident.
However, upon receiving his order, Olsen did not see any cheese and assumed it was safe to eat. Shortly after consuming the burger, he experienced hives and difficulty breathing, leading to hospitalization for anaphylaxis.
Doctors stabilized and discharged Olsen after several hours, but upon inspecting the trash from the meal, his girlfriend discovered cheese on the burger, contradicting Olsen's order.