Rockland County man suing McDonald's for severe allergic reaction to Big Mac

A Rockland County man says he suffered a severe allergic reaction after eating a meal at McDonald's in February 2021, and is filing suit.
According to the filing, 28-year-old Charles Olsen has a serious milk allergy, and a screenshot of the mobile order shows he asked for "no cheese" on his Big Mac when he ordered through an app.
After taking a bite, he started to develop an allergic reaction, went to the hospital and was diagnosed with anaphylaxis.
"Later, when he's gone through the hospital and they've come back, his girlfriend picks it up, looks at it, opens the bun, and sees that there is cheese in there," says Jory Lange, of the Lange Law Firm. He is one of Olsen's lawyers.
The legal action takes aim at McDonald's and the owner of the 8th Avenue Manhattan location where the meal came from.
Olsen's attorney's say this suit looks to hold those parties accountable, get compensation, while also making sure this doesn't happen again.
"There's got to be a better awareness here and better controls within restaurants and food providers to accommodate people who have these allergies, and in many cases, very severe allergies," said Scott Harford, of Harford Law. He is another attorney for Olsen.
The McDonald's franchisee organization says in a statement, "Nothing is more important than the safety of our customers. We take every complaint seriously and are actively reviewing these claims."