Rockland County residents, business face closures amid rise in coronavirus cases

Residents and businesses in Rockland County are facing new restrictions as coronavirus cases in the area begin to rise.
Towns like Spring Valley, Monsey and New Square have become what the states calls "red zones."
Nonessential businesses are closed, schools are closed and houses of worship are capped at 25% capacity or up to 10 people in these areas.
These restrictions kicked in during a Jewish holiday that’s being observed in predominantly Orthodox Jewish communities this weekend.
Rabbi Yisroel Kahan says, "We all need to do our part to stay safe, to remain healthy, to prevent the spread, to curb it and quash it."
Many people were still seen walking to synagogue, raising questions amongst the community about how effective the new rules are this time around.
"Not just worry about yourself – worry about others too, because it's back and forth. If they have it, you're going to get it. If you have it, they're going to get it," says Aida Aprahanian, of Suffern.
Some residents are also concerned that noncompliance will have a domino effect on their community.
"My fear would be that if you shut everything down there, all they're going to do is just travel to other areas to be able to get what they want," Daniel Hardigan says.
These restrictions will be in place for at least the next two weeks.