Rockland County residents have 2 new spots to cool off during extreme heat

A new splash pad opened at an Orangeburg Park while Stoney Point designated its new senior and community center as a cooling space.

News 12 Staff

Jul 27, 2023, 9:44 PM

Updated 358 days ago


Residents in Rockland County have two new places to cool down as dangerous heat impacts the Hudson Valley.
A new splash pad opened in June at Veteran's Memorial Park in Orangeburg.
The project's original price tag was $382,000, but after receiving some grants, News 12 was told it cost Orangetown $57,000 in total.
"We don't have a pool in town. So it's something we can offer the kids, especially on days like today when it's the dog day of summer," said Orangetown Supervisor Teresa Kenny.
Over in Stony Point, town employees just put the finishing touches on the Stony Point Senior Center and Community Center on Club House Lane.
The 6,000 square-foot, air-conditioned space is also now the town's designated cooling center.
"They're our seniors. They deserve to have a nice meeting room where they can come up, meet with other seniors, socialize. We're very proud with how well this senior and community center came out," said Stony Point Supervisor Jim Monaghan.

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