Rockland County set to take over Spring Valley's building department next week

Rockland County now has all the tools it needs to take over the Village of Spring Valley's Building Department next week.
The county's new Office of Building and Codes will be up and running after legislators unanimously voted on four resolutions Tuesday night.
It comes ahead of the Feb. 14 deadline set by a state order last November.
"The state felt that Spring Valley needed the help, so we're going to do everything in our power to make sure our first responders and our citizens are safe," says County Legislature Chair Jay Hood.
The push for the county takeover comes after the fatal Evergreen fire last March that killed Spring Valley resident and volunteer firefighter Jared Lloyd.
County Executive Ed Day thanked the Legislature Wednesday for giving the new office the "tools and support" for the takeover.
The new county employees will be tasked to inspect buildings in the village to see if they're up to fire safety and building codes.
News 12 reached out to Spring Valley for comment.
There will be a special ceremony in Rockland Thursday to honor Lloyd.