Rockland officials rework 911 call handling

Officials in Rockland are reworking the way 911 calls are handled in light of a possible Ebola threat.
911 operators at the Rockland County Sheriff's Office are learning the newly introduced CDC guidelines to handle infectious disease calls as part of a major overhaul of the county's Ebola preparedness procedures.
The new guidelines come on the heels of Wednesday's announcement by Rockland health officials that an unidentified woman spent the last three weeks being monitored for Ebola symptoms.
Officials say the woman who returned from Liberia on Oct. 5 remained symptom-free and has now been released from quarantine.
When an infectious disease call comes in, operators will have a list of symptoms to look for, questions to ask, and guidelines to follow when dealing with a caller.
The operators say they are hoping a real call never comes through, but are ready just in case.