Rockland voters flood polling site in pouring rain to cast early ballots

The wet weather did not stop hundreds of people in Rockland County from having their voices heard this election.
Many waited outside in the rain for hours to vote early - in a line that stretched around the building.
The voters were soaked but in good spirits.
As of Thursday morning, about 19,000 people voted early - triple the early voting turnout last year. Last year also wasn't a presidential election.
With four more days to go, the Board of Elections anticipates getting another 12,000-16,000 early voters - with more than half of roughly 40,000 absentee ballots requested already cast.
In a typical election year, Rockland has about 70% voter turnout. This year, 20% already voted. That's why election officials are forecasting a record-breaking year in Rockland.