Saugerties neighbors didn’t suspect non-custodial parents to be abductors

Residents of the Saugerties neighborhood where authorities located Paislee Shultis say they are familiar with her non-custodial parents but never suspected the abduction of the girl.
Paislee was being held captive for two years before she was found under the floorboards of a home at 35 Fawn Road with her non-custodial parents Kimberly Cooper and Kirk Shultis Jr.
Neighbors describe the area as a quiet tight-knit community. Multiple business owners nearby say they recognize the mug shots of the parents.
One deli owner told News 12 he knew the names and recognized the pictures of the parents, who he says were regulars at his store. The deli owner also says he passes their house daily to and from work but never thought Paislee could’ve been abducted in the home.