‘Save your soul, Dr. Hahn.’ - Gov. Cuomo lashes out at reported plan to oust FDA chief

Gov. Andrew Cuomo used time during a conference call Thursday morning to respond to a report that Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar is considering firing FDA Commissioner Steven Hahn.
According to the Politico report:

The discussions come amid deep frustration with Hahn over his insistence that a COVID-19 vaccine meet stricter-than-normal safety standards — a contentious decision that rendered it impossible for President Donald Trump to fulfill his oft-expressed desire for a vaccine just before Election Day.

“You don't make governmental decisions based on the election calendar. You especially don't make public health decisions based on the election calendar,” said Gov. Cuomo. “You are talking about life and safety on the approval of a vaccine…To rush it for a campaign platform is abhorrent.”
Gov. Cuomo had a message for Dr. Hahn:
“Remember your oath and do our duty as your medical profession requires. Save your soul, Dr. Hahn,” he said.
The governor said that the reported rush to a COVID-19 vaccine is “why the American people are skeptical about vaccines.”
Gov. Cuomo also said that the White House has not replied to a letter he sent on behalf of governors that asked about how the vaccines would be distributed. He says New York has received no guidance on how much it would cost to distribute the vaccine or how long it would take.