School district officials call for more federal funds to uphold COVID-19 safety measures

There is an urgent call from the superintendent of Yonkers schools and many other school districts in Westchester for more federal funds to uphold coronavirus school safety measures.
A lot has already been fleshed out to kick-start the school year under intense restrictions.
Tarrytown schools' superintendent says they committed over $600,000, Yonkers says $10 million and Ossining $400,000.
They say public schools are overburdened with costs of personal protective equipment, cleaning supplies, additional staffing and keeping educational programs in place.
Now, there is a call for Congress to provide emergency financial relief.
"During the pandemic, we know that we have increased costs, these were all unbudgeted costs, no one could predict them, in addition to which we're still grappling with unfunded mandates, All of these things together are to prevent programmatic cuts, but it really is about avoiding reductions," says Elmsford Schools Superintendent Dr. Marc P. Baiocco.
They're also asking the community to help by doing their part - that's by calling on the Senate and president to deliver funds schools are advocating for — to ensure our future generation receives the education they deserve.