Searching for baby formula? ‘Formula Finders’ can help

Westchester Formula Finders was launched five days ago and has already garnered nearly 1,000 members.

Nadia Galindo

May 18, 2022, 9:31 PM

Updated 787 days ago


A new Facebook page is helping parents in Westchester County find the formula their babies need.
Westchester Formula Finders was launched five days ago and has already garnered nearly 1,000 members.
The page was created by Alise Curran, who is also impacted by the formula shortage.
"It's really scary, it’s a scary time for families who are looking to feed their babies and make sure they get the right nutrition," she said.
The Valhalla mother had to switch to a generic brand of formula for her 9-month-old son after a recall on the brand she uses.
Curran added Jennifer Lynch, a fellow friend and mother, to help admin the page where parents can ask the community where to find specific types of baby formula.
Lynch is a neonatal nurse practitioner and a parent whose children were formula-fed.
The Yonkers mother said the biggest need they are seeing on the page is for specialty formulas, such as Gentlease and other batches designed for sensitive stomachs.
"My son had a milk protein allergy, my oldest son, and required a special formula - so I understand how stressful that situation is and also how emotional it can be," Lynch said.
Many posts on the page are from people who have spotted formula on shelves and want to broadcast the location.
Curran said by pinpointing the location of specific types of formula, parents don't have to go from store to store to find what they need.
The page is also providing some peace of mind.
"I think it gives everybody a little comfort that they are not alone that we are in this," said Curran.
Westchester Formula Finders is open to everyone. Even people without kids can join and help locate formula on shelves.

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