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Sen. Schumer calls on IRS to release commuters’ money for those forced to work from home

The MTA tells News 12 that they back Schumer’s call.

News 12 Staff

Jun 4, 2021, 10:48 PM

Updated 1,109 days ago


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was in the Hudson Valley today to call awareness to an issue that could be costing Metro-North travelers thousands of dollars.
Those who take Metro-North into Manhattan have the option to put their money used for commuting away before it is taxed.
Due to the pandemic, many have been working from home and that money has been growing.
The New York senator was at the Tarrytown Metro-North stop Friday to speak about the issue.
Schumer says he has written a letter to the IRS asking the agency to release the money and tax it for whoever wants it.
He says he wants to hear from them by next month, and if he doesn’t he’ll write a bill.
“People have hundreds, even thousands of dollars who want their money back,” Schumer says. “So I’m here to say to the feds: ‘Figure out a solution that provides more flexibility, that allow people to access the cash and move on.’”
The MTA tells News 12 that they back Schumer’s call. News 12 reached out to the IRS and is still waiting to hear back.

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