Senate candidate Spencer drops out of debate amid Clinton controversy

U.S. Senate candidate John Spencer (R) opted Tuesday not to take advantage of free air time on News 12. The decision comes just one day after a published report claimed he called Democratic challenger Senator Hillary Clinton ugly.
Spencer's campaign informed News 12 via e-mail that he would not be taking part in a debate scheduled for this Thursday. The e-mail, which was sent by a member of Spencer's campaign, said the former Yonkers mayor changed his mind about the debate because Clinton was not going to be there. The e-mail went on to say that appearing on News 12 would cause his campaign to cancel almost a full day of media events.
Some say Spencer doesn't want to field any more questions about the comments he is accused of making against Clinton. Spencer strongly denied ever telling NY Daily News reporter Ben Smith that Clinton was ugly and had millions of dollars worth of plastic surgery.
Meantime, Spencer says if Clinton changes her mind and decides to take part in the News 12 debate then he will also.
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