Senator Clinton pushes legislation to protect residents from sex offenders

Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) promoted a bill to create a new national sex offender registry Monday in Clarkstown.
Clinton, along with local and state leaders, want to create an online national registry. Currently every state has a different registry with different requirements. The bill, ?Dru?s Law,? was passed in the state Senate and will now go to the House. The law is named in honor of Dru Sjodin who was a college student abducted and killed in 2003 by a registered sex offender in Minnesota.
Clinton hopes the new legislation will make residents aware of sex offenders living in their neighborhoods. In Westchester County, there are 188 registered level three sex offenders, 22 in Rockland County and 55 in Orange County.
The new legislation would require sex offenders to register prior to being released from prison. It would also require sex offenders to be outfitted with GPS tracking devices. If the House passes the bill, Senator Clinton is hoping President Bush will sign it into law this fall.