Sending tips to Kane In Your Corner

Have a story you need investigated? Here’s how you can get Kane in Your Corner.
Phone: 201-765-KANE (201-765-5263)
Secure File Drop: You can upload files here. Any files uploaded will be fully encrypted and will only be seen by the KIYC team. If you want additional privacy, you can use VPN to hide/change your IP address.
Confidential Communications: The KIYC team uses two confidential messaging apps: Signal and Wickr. Both are available on iOS and Android and offer encrypted voice and text communication. No metadata is saved. In other words, unlike with a phone company, there’s no record the conversation took place.
Both Senior Investigative Reporter Walt Kane and Investigative Producer Karin Attonito prefer Signal, which has a reputation for being extremely secure. However, one way Signal ensures security is to require a person’s Signal username be the same as their cell phone number. So if you don’t know either Walt or Karin’s cell number, your best bet is to contact them on Wickr at