South Nyack village board votes to dissolve into Town of Orangetown

The village board of South Nyack voted Friday to dissolve into the Town of Orangetown.
The move came after residents voted back in December to become part of Orangetown. That vote was spearheaded by residents who want to cut property taxes, which on average will save homeowners from $600 to $2,000, depending on their home's assessed value.
"Our work now is before us to start implementing the plan and make it as easy and effortless for the Town of Orangetown and Village of South Nyack to merge together," said Mayor of South Nyack Bonnie Christian.
Residents have 45 days to stop the dissolution if 25% of them petition the move, but it's highly unlikely.
If all goes well, the village will be fully dissolved by next March with hopes their employees, including police and public works, will continue employment in Orangetown.
"I'm ready to jump in to deal with the employees because this it must be a real tough position for the employees to be in, to get them settled and knowing they're going to have a place to go when this is all done," said Orangetown Town Supervisor Teresa Kenny.
But that's just one of many things the town and village will now be working on merging.
"We have the properties that they own, down to their equipment, their cars, their vehicles, their trucks, their parks," Kenny added.