Community prepares for South Nyack Village to dissolve after majority vote

The South Nyack community is preparing for what comes next after a majority of residents voted to dissolve village last week.
South Nyack doesn’t have many of the staples you typically think of in a village. There’s no downtown or commercial shops of any kind.
This means the village solely runs on property taxes. Since the village has financially struggled, property taxes increased by 6.7% last year. On top of that, residents also paid Orangetown taxes since they're a village in the town.
"The village provides everything, which is part of the reason it's so expensive," says Charles Cross, who spearheaded petition to dissolve. "We've got our own police department, we've got our own department of public works."
Residents officially voted to dissolve the town on Thursday, with 508 in favor to 292 in opposition. The dissolving of the village means they will use Orangetown resources.
"Our village tax will disappear, our town tax will increase, but overall it will be a savings…an average house would save about $1,400 a year," Cross says.
South Nyack Mayor Bonnie Christian, along with several trustees, were all against the vote to dissolve. They said dissolving the village would mean the loss of self-governance.
In a statement, Mayor Christian said, "We acknowledge that the residents have chosen to dissolve the Village of South Nyack and will now work to establish a plan that will allow for a smooth transition into the Town of Orangetown."